Mariana Islands Fair Market Rents

2024 Fair Market Rents

2024 FMRs in Mariana Islands by county. Click on the map below to view FMRs for a particular county.

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FMRs vary across Mariana Islands based on County and ZIP code as well as number of bedrooms. The average FMR for a two-bedroom apartment in Mariana Islands is $962.

The highest average FMR for a two-bedroom apartment in the United States is $2,095 in Hawaii. The lowest for a two-bedroom apartment is $574 in Puerto Rico.

FMRs in Mariana Islands are based on the price of monthly rent plus the cost of essential utilities. FMRs vary by county or ZIP Code. Generally areas with a lower population density have a lower gross rent (lower FMRs) but there are exceptions.

View the Fair Market Rents Overview for information on how FMRs are calculated. Click on a specific county from the table below for detailed FMR information including Small Area FMRs.

How does Mariana Islands compare?

Mariana Islands ($962) has a 20.4% lower FMR for 2-Bedroom housing than the average of the US ($1,208) and therefore has a lower gross rent.

Mariana Islands is rank 42nd out of 56 States and territories. This means the FMRs, or in other words, the gross rent is lower than 41 other States and territories. Mariana Islands is the 15th cheapest State or territory in terms of FMRs.

Average FMRs for Mariana Islands

Counties in Mariana Islands (1)
County Rank Studio 1-Bed 2-Bed 3-Bed 4-Bed
Northern Mariana Islands 1st $652 $732 $962 $1,356 $1,633

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