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2024 Loan Limits

Making it easy to find applicable loan limits is an independent project and is not associated with the HUD, FHA, VA, or any other government agency. Our goal is to make it simple for anyone to quickly find applicable Loan Limits when they are considering buying a home.

Different government programs have different loan limits. For FHA Loans, limits largely depend on the size of the property. Our data is sourced from relevant government agencies and is always up-to-date.

Website Affiliation is an independent website and is not affiliated with the HUD, FHA, VA, or any other government agency.

FHA Loan Limits

There are loan limits for FHA loans, conforming loans, VA loans, and HECM loans. This section breaks down loan limits by county.

Loan Limits Overview

Fair Market Rents

Fair Market Rents are the gross rents determined by HUD and used in Section 8. This section breaks down FMRs at all the way down to the ZIP code level

Fair Market Rents Overview

Housing Authorities

Housing Authorities are there to help you find affordable housing in your community. They can help with Section 8, public housing and more.

Find Housing Authorities

Our Mission is designed to help you understand and navigate affordable housing programs, loan limits, fair market rents, property taxes, and real estate in general. We take a data-first approach and strive to make that data as easily accessible as possible.

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