New Jersey Loan Limits

2022 Loan Limits

2022 Loan limits in New Jersey by county. Click on the map below to view loan limits for a particular county.

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Minimum Loan Limit
Maximum Loan Limit

New Jersey has 21 counties, with conforming loan limits for a single-family home ranging from $647,200 in Atlantic County to $970,800 in Bergen County.

New Jersey has 9 counties with standard or low-cost loan limits equal to the national baseline; 12 counties with high-cost loan limits equal to the national ceiling; and 0 counties with mid-range loan limits that are between the baseline and ceiling.

View the loan limits overview for information on how loan limits are set for each county. Click on the a specific county from the table below for detailed loan limit information.

Counties in New Jersey (21)

High-Cost Counties
County Median Home Price Conforming Loan Limit for
Single-Family Home
Bergen County $995,000 $970,800
Essex County $995,000 $970,800
Hudson County $995,000 $970,800
Hunterdon County $995,000 $970,800
Middlesex County $995,000 $970,800
Monmouth County $995,000 $970,800
Morris County $995,000 $970,800
Ocean County $995,000 $970,800
Passaic County $995,000 $970,800
Somerset County $995,000 $970,800
Sussex County $995,000 $970,800
Union County $995,000 $970,800
Low-Cost Counties
County Median Home Price Conforming Loan Limit for
Single-Family Home
Atlantic County $275,000 $647,200
Burlington County $415,000 $647,200
Camden County $415,000 $647,200
Cape May County $426,000 $647,200
Cumberland County $176,000 $647,200
Gloucester County $415,000 $647,200
Mercer County $300,000 $647,200
Salem County $415,000 $647,200
Warren County $324,000 $647,200

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FHA Loan limits are published by the HUD. Conforming loan limits are published by Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).

Last updated on January 2, 2022