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2024 Fair Market Rents

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The top four largest cities in Sierra County are Loyalton, Alleghany, Camptonville, and Downieville. Fair Market Rents on this page may apply depending on whether the county uses SAFMRs or county level FMRs. Cities in multiple SAFMR areas will have different SAFMRS based on ZIP code.

What type of FMR does Sierra County use?

Small Area Fair Market Rents were created by the HUD for this county/Metro Fmr Area however Sierra County is not required to use Small Area FMRs by the HUD. It is at the discretion of the local Housing Authority to determine if SAFMRs or 40th percentile FMRs are used.

To learn more about the criteria the HUD uses to determine if a Metro FMR Area requires Small Area Fair Market Rents click here.

How does Sierra County compare?

Sierra County ($1,321) has a 29.1% lower FMR for 2-Bedroom housing than the average of California ($1,864) and therefore has a lower gross rent.

Sierra County is rank 42nd out of 58 counties. This means the FMRs, or in other words, the gross rent is lower than 41 other counties. Sierra County is the 17th cheapest county in terms of FMRs.

Rent Tables Sierra County, CA

Fair Market Rent (40th Percentile)


Median Rent (50th Percentile)


Small Market Areas (By Zip Code)

The 90% and 110% SAFMRs represent the minimum and maximum payment standards that can be set by the local Public Housing Authority under regular conditions. The payment standard is the actual value used in Section 8. For more on payment standards click here.

FMRs and SAFMRs are set by the HUD. The local PHA takes these FMR/SAFMR values and may decide to use any value that is within +-10% of the FMR/SAFMR as the payment standard for the areas under their jurisdiction.

For a more in-depth explaination return to the overview page.

ZipCode Studio 1-Bed 2-Bed 3-Bed 4-Bed
95922 $950 $950 $1,230 $1,730 $2,090
ZipCode Studio 1-Bed 2-Bed 3-Bed 4-Bed
95922 $855 $855 $1,107 $1,557 $1,881
ZipCode Studio 1-Bed 2-Bed 3-Bed 4-Bed
95922 $1,045 $1,045 $1,353 $1,903 $2,299

Fair Market Rents on this page apply to the following cities in Sierra County, California: Loyalton, Alleghany, Camptonville, Downieville, Goodyears Bar, Calpine, Sierra City, and Sierraville.

These Fair Market Rents also apply to the following ZIP codes in Sierra County, California: 96118, 95910, 95922, 95936, 95944, 96124, 96125, and 96126.

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