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The top one largest cities in Polk County are Esom Hill. Property Taxes on this page vary by ZIP Code but the county average is a great approximation. Below are the averages as well as more granulated Tax tables at the ZIP Code level.

How does Polk County compare?

Polk County (0.86%) has a 3.6% higher Property Tax Rate than the average of Georgia (0.83%).

Polk County is rank 98th out of 159 counties. This means the Property Tax Rate are lower than 97 other counties. Polk County is the 62nd cheapest county in terms of Property Tax Rate.

Tax Tables Polk County, GA

Average Property Taxes

Property Tax Rate
Property Value
Property Tax Paid

Property Taxes on this page apply to the following city in Polk County, Georgia: Esom Hill.

These Property Taxes also apply to the following ZIP code in Polk County, Georgia: 30138.

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