Clarke County, IA

Housing Authorities

There are no Housing Authorities in Clarke County, IA. Instead, this page lists the 3 closest HAs in Iowa. Contact the Housing Authorities below to confirm which one has jurisdiction in Clarke County.

Housing Authorities Clarke County, IA

There are 3 Housing Authorities listed below for Clarke County. Click on the "+" below to view each HAs. Call to inquire about their jurisdiction.

611 E Polk Street #31
Afton, IA 50830
IA003 low-rent Union 17.8 mi from Clarke


(641) 347-8826
(641) 347-5146


Michelle Burger
Dale Manship
Board Chairperson
Judy D. Chastain
Executive Director

501 Se Q St
Leon, IA 50144
IA027 low-rent Decatur 21.2 mi from Clarke


(641) 446-4163


Alan Simmons
Chester Redman
Board Chairperson
Carolyn Rice
Executive Director

415 N 2Nd St
Winterset, IA 50273
IA017 low-rent Madison 22.5 mi from Clarke


(515) 462-4340
(515) 414-7831


Richard Thompson
Board Chairperson
Tiffany Schulte
Executive Director

How can Housing Authorities Help?

Housing Authorities (also called "Public Housing Authorities" or "Public Housing Agencies") are privately run, non-profit organizations in charge of overseeing public housing programs in a county or metro area.

Although they are privately run, Housing Authorities are government sanctioned and federally funded.

Clarke County

Clarke County has 3 Housing Authorities. You can call or email them to see which PHA serves your area. Find their contact information above.

PHAs may do just the Housing Voucher Choice Program (Section 8), low-rent public housing, or both.

Wait Lists

There is a widespread shortage of affordable public housing in Iowa. Most PHAs have a wait list of 1-2 years or more. PHAs may close the wait list when the list is too long.

You may consider checking PHAs in surrounding areas if you do not mind living in a nearby county.

Public Housing Authorities are free and are there to help you find affordable housing. Feel free to reach out to several housing authorities if needed.

Housing Authorities on this page apply to the following cities in Clarke County, Iowa: Osceola and Murray.

These housing authorities apply to the following ZIP codes in Clarke County, Iowa: 50213 and 50174.

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Last updated on February 25, 2020